Custodial IRA Read More: Main Street High Dividend Stock Analysis Hi Sharon – It seems to be mostly in the English speaking countries, yes. But mainly the US and UK. Not all P2P lenders are in all countries, and some are in one country only. You really have to do your research. 20 7,000+ Serious Investors Follow The Monk Money you need in 3 to 5 years Withdrawal: Manual (monitored for 17 days) Motorcycle Subscribe to our email newsletter: Stay up to date with money-saving tips and the very best deals Low Volatility ETF List Show Info ; 7% / 5% Betterment vs. Vanguard My son hads 5.000 and he wants to put it in a short term so when he needs it he can take it out for emergencies and he’s having a baby and he could get stuff for the baby down the road do you have any suggestions thank you Personal & Business Accounts Warren Buffet Quotes - How To Invest in Penny Stocks - How To Find Penny Stocks - Gold Investment   Estate Planning & Inheritance Short-duration bonds Kroger: A Supermarket Stock on Sale Cabot’s Best Dividend Stocks: Plus DRIP Investing 101, and Why You Should Invest in Dividend Aristocrats Discounts & Benefits Remember me YouTube Stock strategies that create new income streams at lower risk Quality: Describes the portfolio of the fund in terms of the quality ratings of the securities it holds. Instruments issued by the U.S. Government or one of its agencies are treated as AAA rated. Cash and cash equivalents include payable amounts related to securities purchased but not settled at period end. Credit quality ratings on underlying securities of a fund are obtained from three Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations ("NRSROs"), Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. Ratings are converted to the equivalent Standard & Poor's rating category for purposes of presentation. For municipal funds, each security is assigned the highest rating provided by the NRSROs. A "non-rated" designation is assigned when a public rating is not available for a security. This designation does not necessarily indicate low credit quality. The letter ratings are provided to indicate the credit worthiness of the underlying bonds in the portfolio. Long-term ratings generally range from AAA (highest) to D (lowest). Includes payable amounts related to securities purchased but not settled at period end.

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